Elite Model Look Austria | The Best Fashion Events of the World
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The Best Fashion Events of the World

Best Fashion Events

The Best Fashion Events of the World

Fashion Week is a week-long event. The sellers and designers of fashion products and outfits display their latest creations. This is a place where the sellers and buyers meet. It is also an event that links these people with the media which help them gain a lot of attention. Therefore if you brush aside all the superficial ideas and take a look at the bottom line, Fashion Weeks are nothing but marketing events that take place at a tremendous level.

Best Fashion Events

How Fashion Weeks take place?

According to reports by people who have a close eye on Fashion events, it has come to our knowledge that there are almost 138 Fashion Week Events that happen across the globe every year. Though almost all of these events take place in random order, the first few follow a hierarchy pattern. All major event leave a way for the New York Fashion Week, following which comes the London Fashion Week, then Milan Fashion week and finally the Paris Fashion Week. These four events are collectively called the ‘Big 4’.

These Fashion Weeks act as a platform that unites different sectors of society such as the designers, media, buyers, sellers and other potential big shots of the society.

One common misconception about the Fashion Weeks is that most people believe Fashion Weeks is a platform that showcases fashionable clothes and designer pieces. Though this partially correct, a lot of other fashion products like makeup products and woman accessories also form a part of these events. So here we are listing the top 5 Fashion Events that take place across the globe.

5 Fashion Events in the World:

Paris Fashion Week:

The happening of the event is organized and designed by the French Fashion Federation. Paris Fashion Week is a bi-annual event that is it takes place twice in a year in spring/summer or autumn/winter seasons. There are also ready-to-wear shows that take place in the Paris Fashion Week.  The first-ever fashion week was conducted in the year 1973, under the guidelines of the French Fashion Federation.

New York Fashion Week:

New York Fashion Week events are semi-annual series that take place in February and September every year. The audience of the show comprises of buyers, the press, designers and the general public apart from the participants of the show. The event lasts from 7 to 9 days. New York Fashion Week is one among the ‘Big 4’ fashion week events, which is based on an old series called the Press Week. If the event is financially measured, then it arrives at a value somewhere around 887 Million USD

Vogue Designer Fashion Fund:

Vogue Designer Fashion Fund functions in a tie-up with the British Fashion Council. This event primarily focuses on showcasing the British Fashion to the world. It also brings out a lot of hidden designers out to the limelight. Most fashion lovers and designers long for this moment every year. The tie-up between Vogue and BFC is to sponsor that one person who wins the attention of every judge in the panel.

Berlin Fashion Week:

Berlin Fashion Week is again a bi-annual event. It takes place in the months of January and July. The event took place for the first time in the year 2007 and has earned highly positive comments since then. The Event usually takes place at Brandenburg Gate. This show is bankrolled by Mercedes-Benz. Despite this event being a newcomer, it has taken the credit for acting as a platform to bring a lot of new and budding designers into the limelight and helping them reach great positions.

Pitti Immagine Uomo:

If there is finally one event on earth that showcases men apparels and accessories, it is Pitti Immagine Uomo. This is a bi-annual event which takes place in January and September every year. More than 35000 people attend this event every year. It is one among the predominant fashion events that take place in Italy.

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